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Therapy Intensives (90 minutes+ of emotional healing)

Have you plateaued on your healing journey?


You know all the coping skills, but somehow can't seem to apply them when you need to.


You're still as activated as ever, despite having insight into your triggers.


There's still that sneaky suspicion that you're somehow innately broken.


You love your therapist, but don't feel like you're making progress.

How a Therapy Intensive can help.

The extended structure of a Therapy Intensive provides a formulaic timeline for the clinical process. Much like outpatient surgery, a Therapy Intensive is broken down into 3 phases: 


1) Prep

Individuals engage in a full check-in without feeling rushed to "get to the work."


2) Procedure

The check-in gently leads into the emotional reprocessing that will be the therapeutic focus of the session. Oftentimes, individuals are surprised to learn that there are patterns that emerge from their check-in.


3) Post-Op

Traditional therapy can feel rushed during closure of the session. In an intensive, we have ample time to re-center the nervous system prior to wrapping up. This is like band-aids compared to stitches.

Next Steps...

1) Connect with our Office Manager here to schedule a 90-minute initial assessment with the best fit clinician.

Therapy Participant

"Because of your services, I have grown in emotional resilience and equanimity, as well as in my ability to mindfully experience life’s challenges."

Therapy Participant

"The approach at Seeking Depth feels different, less about a narrative discussion of issues or challenges - the clinician is able to shift the talk dynamic toward the associated sensory or emotional experience - its been an opportunity to sit with feelings - perhaps those I avoided or failed to recognize…"

Therapy Participant

"I feel more safe and secure with myself and decision making."

Who in your life would be impacted, right now, if your trauma legacy no longer held you back? 

The team at Seeking Depth to Recovery knows how energetically consuming it is to tend to a barrage of trauma symptoms - from depressive episodes, anxiety attacks, perfectionism, excessive worry, disordered eating, and more. We understand from the inside out how it is to show up to life fully and authentically, with rechanneled energy that is no longer being use to caretake for these demanding symptoms. 


If you're ready to invest in yourself so that you can show up fully in the lives of those around you, then let's get started. Schedule your initial appointment.

Complement your work with us by accessing the FREE resources below.

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