"Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness.”

― Peter A. Levine

Seeking Depth to Recovery

with Adrienne Loker, LCSW

Have you reached a plateau on your path to healing?

Are you tired of feeling stuck?

You are not alone. 

Adrienne Loker, LCSW approaches these plateaus from a bio-neurological perspective. Instead of getting hung up on diagnoses, Adrienne explores pathogenic memories that have gotten stuck in the survival part of the brain as a body memory instead of a language memory.  She then uses specialized training to desensitize the distress associated with these memories so they no longer influence emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. 


Can't get rid of the feeling "I'm not good enough"? 

Painful and neglectful experiences from in utero through adulthood can leave us feeling invisible, a burden to others, insignificant, less than, too needy, insecure, or unsafe. They can manifest in behaviors such as perfectionism, caretaking for those who can caretake for themselves, overachieving, anxiety disorders, trouble sleeping, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorders, alcoholism and drug addiction, eating disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, toxic positivity, chronic pain, depression, bipolar disorder, and more. These disorders are better understood as pathogenic memory networks that continue to believe painful experiences from the past are still happening, as they are stored in the wrong part of the brain.

You don't have to continue to feel this way.  Healing is possible and accessible!  

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Adrienne's Approach

Adrienne Loker, LCSW is a trauma therapy specialist and also treats underlying conditions, including alcoholism, drug addiction, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and relationship struggles.

Adrienne operates from a theoretical orientation that each person has within them the natural inclination toward healing that is part of their nervous system's innate wiring. By working with the brain's instinctual processing system, from the lower survival areas where trauma information can get stuck, up to the analytical areas where traditional talk therapy takes place, results are achieved less invasively, more effectively, and much more quickly. 


Adrienne delicately weaves together attachment-based Ego-State therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), Somatic Experiencing, and psychodrama with the goal of connecting her clients to their deeper selves over a shorter period of time than traditional treatment methods so clients can get their lives back sooner and feel better faster.


Intensive Individual Therapy

Adrienne provides 90 minute sessions for all individual therapy clients in order to keep clinical work organized, and offers 120 minute sessions for applicable EMDR goals (more information on EMDR can be found under the "EMDR" tab).  With EMDR, we can shave off years of the therapy process, as we're intervening on the neurological birthplace of dysfunction and we can get there faster and feel better sooner.  Adrienne has had success working with individuals who have been in therapy for years only to find EMDR combined with other experiential models as the key to accelerate the healing process. Contact Adrienne and let her know what patterns of self-defeating behaviors you'd like to get unstuck from.

Telehealth & Specialized Covid-19 Services

Currently, Adrienne is providing all therapeutic services virtually until it is deemed safe to return to in-person sessions.  All bio-neurological modalities offered by Adrienne in individual and group format are effective and safe via teletherapy.  

Adrienne is available for short-term interventions for first responders located in Virginia needing rapid relief from stressful images, sounds, odors, sensations, and intrusive thoughts brought about by their work in the medical field during this global pandemic.  Utilizing EMDR, individuals can avoid developing PTSD and other anxiety disorders in as little as one session.  See "EMDR" tab for more information. 

Supervision & Training

Adrienne feels strongly about the utilization of a "bottom up" approach in healing those with invisible wounds in our community.  This means that it is important to adopt intervention models that work with our brain's natural processing system.  Adrienne has a lot of success with her interventions and is committed to an attitude of collaboration with fellow providers so that we may work together towards a healthy community.  She is available to train clinical and medical staff and to provide clinical supervision.  Contact Adrienne for an individualized training for your staff's needs.


Adrienne offers retreats utilizing a combination of experiential modalities, but primarily drawing from psychodrama, a theoretical perspective that each person has stored within them the truth that they need to heal.  It is within the drama that the truth can emerge.  As people connect to their inner worlds, they begin to understand how their implicitly stored emotional wounds serve as the foundation for current life stressors.  Participants acquire new perspectives, tools to nurture themselves, and the ability to let go of old wounds.  More information can be found under "Psychodrama" and "Retreats" tabs.


Contact Adrienne

I would love to support you in your journey.  Feel free to connect with me by calling 804.396.4668 or emailing me at AdrienneLokerLCSW@gmail.com.  You may also submit the contact form below and I will respond to you as soon as possible.

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