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"Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness.”

― Peter A. Levine

Don't cope with trauma symptoms.

Uproot them at the source.

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Cutting edge trauma therapy.

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Many therapy recipients feel stuck on the hamster wheel of coping.

Seeking Depth to Recovery provides therapy that uproots the source of symptoms, so that you can live as good as symptom free, in nearly half the time as traditional talk therapy. 


Our clients come to us after years of therapy that didn't get them to where they wanted to go. They feel disconnected from their needs, too numb to know they're numb, and too broken for therapy to really work. This is because their treatment only addressed 20% of the brain - and not even the part where mental health symptoms are born.


Our trauma treatment specialists use innovative modalities, within an intensive format, to work directly with the brainstem - rebalancing the responses of the nervous system. Once rebalanced, symptoms of mental health are resolved rather than coped with.


If you're ready to feel in control, inspired, and alive, it's time to learn how to effectively communicate with your nervous system.

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Trauma, addiction treatment center in Henrico, VA.
Trauma Therapy in Henrico and Richmond VA
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Clinical Efficacy

Our trauma specialists use a whole-brain approach. Each are trained in experiential and somatic methods that get to the birthplace of mental health symptoms more quickly, accurately, and gently - getting results in nearly half the time as traditional talk therapy.

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Cost Efficiency

With our whole-brain, intensive approach to trauma treatment, we get to the root of mental health symptoms faster so that you can reclaim joy, fun, and purpose sooner. With our cutting edge training, we can shave off years of therapy - saving you both time and money.

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Inside Out

We are truly a trauma-sensitive treatment center, prioritizing the mental wellness of our own team. From this foundation of health, we lend our unburdened nervous systems to those in our care - unconsciously activating healing.

"{This} has been the single most transformative experience of my life...this work has given me more peace and serenity than anything else I've done."

Therapy Participant

Many trauma survivors don’t receive the quality treatment they need to live a self-actualized life.

Through an overemphasis on verbal processing and coping skill acquisition, trauma survivors can feel trapped in a vortex of symptom management – wondering if they’ll ever actually live a life free of anxiety, depression, relationship drama, or compulsive behaviors.

To deepen your recovery and transcend the therapy plateau, you need an approach that overrides your thinking brain and brings attention to your survival brain. Our whole-brain approach gets to the birthplace of mental health symptoms and rewires them at the source.

We facilitate our sessions in an intensive therapy format – 90-minute, 2-hour, 3-hour, and 6-hour sessions – allowing us to perform emotional surgery without the starting-and-stopping confines of the traditional 50-minute therapy model. These two features achieve years’ worth of therapy in a shortened timeframe.  

  1. Learn more about the effectiveness of our extensive training to understand more fully how we can help you.

  2. Meet our team to get a feel of who’d be a good fit to work with you.

  3. Schedule an initial appointment to establish a treatment plan for overcoming your symptoms.

In the meantime, download our Wellness Workbook to receive tools you can use at home to regulate your nervous system, so you can get unstuck and reclaim your life.

How will Seeking Depth to Recovery save you emotional and financial currency?

Learn about the unconscious survival brain's role in perpetuating symptoms of mental health - despite all the insight and coping skills you already possess.

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Therapeutic intensives in Henrico, VA.

Get more therapy in less time. Our innovative clinical training, combined with our unique intensive delivery, achieves multiple years of therapy in just a matter of months.

Beginning at 90-minutes, we can tailor create a healing journey for you, based on nervous system capacity and integration.

Intensives are a great fit for individuals, couples, families, and groups.

Intensives aren't just about the time, they're also about the skill. Our providers have training in:

Somatic Life Coaching in Henrico, VA.

Group therapy is more impactful than individual therapy, as social interactions are what shape our identify and worldview. In a group context, individuals can fully perform their roles. 

Current Groups:

  • Bodywise Recovery - a recurring 6-week in person group cohort for individuals who are stable in addiction recovery and are ready to address the complexities of their trauma echoes. Our next group begins February 28th, facilitated by Adrienne Loker, LCSW and Brandi Brown, Life Coach.

  • Post Traumatic Growth Workshop - Join us in person on Monday, March 11, from 9:00-4:00 pm for an experiential trauma resolution workshop, facilitated by Adrienne Loker, LCSW and Mimi Cox, LCSW.

  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga - Dates to be announced - Join Lisa Parise, LCSW for a virtual Trauma Sensitive Yoga course

Substance use interventions in Henrico, VA.

New in 2024, join our FREE site membership for exclusive videos, content, and self-care commitment challenges.

Upcoming content:

  • Proprioception exercises

  • Interoception exercises

  • Pendulation exercises

  • Somatic Movement exercises

  • Psychodrama exercises

  • and more!

EMDR consultation and LCSW supervision in Henrico, VA.

Expand your trauma therapy skills and take your professional training to the next level. Learn the newest evidence-based practices that work directly with the nervous system. Overcome feelings of being stuck, bored, burnt out, or even resentful with innovative, noninvasive techniques. Understand applications of polyvagal theory, learn somatic therapy skills, and dip your toe into experiential action methods.

We also provide LCSW supervision and EMDR consultation toward certification.

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