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Welcoming Lisa Parise, LCSW to our team!

"Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness.”

― Peter A. Levine

Seeking Depth 

To Recovery

Leaders in Trauma Therapy & Addiction Counseling

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A whole-brain approach to

treating trauma and addiction

If you’ve tried traditional cognitive behavioral therapy and still can’t escape feeling as though you're broken, it may be time to try something new.
Traditional cognitive approaches work hard to treat the conscious brain, where there is an awareness of symptoms. But conditions like depression, anxiety, PTSD, alcohol and drug addiction, thought rumination, and eating disorders are rooted in the unconscious part of the brain where analysis and language cannot access.
Instead of focusing on coping with symptoms, a whole-brain approach aims to eliminate them.

Somatic Therapy and EMDR are whole-brain approaches that tend to both the conscious and unconscious brain, which allows us to address how the body has been conditioned to engage in bothersome thoughts, unwanted feelings, and maladaptive behaviors as a way to regulate the nervous system. Through the incorporation of the body within the therapeutic process, we can rebalance what has been unbalanced. 

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Our Story

Seeking Depth to Recovery, LLC was founded in 2019 on the values of vitality, creativity, connection, and body wisdom. We hold true that each person has within them the natural inclination toward healing as part of their nervous system’s innate wiring.

We were born from a desire to break the ceilings of traditional trauma therapy and addiction counseling - which often don't understand the role of the nervous system in trauma healing. Specializing in state of the art somatic therapy, we found that our consumers were reclaiming their lives sooner and sustaining changes, compared to their past experiences with traditional cognitive behavioral therapy or 12-Step groups.

As the demand for our approach grew, so did we. We created a truly trauma-sensitive treatment center, focusing first on the mental wellbeing of our team. From this foundation of health, we lend our unburdened nervous systems to those in our care, unconsciously activating healing.

Together as a team, we offer some of the highest quality trauma therapy in Richmond, VA, as well as comprehensive addiction recovery resources, including addiction counseling and substance use interventions

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Trauma, addiction treatment center in Henrico, VA.
Somatic therapists and substance use interventionists, Henrico, VA.
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Therapeutic intensives in Henrico, VA.

Get more therapy in less time. Our innovative clinical training, combined with our unique intensive delivery, achieves multiple years of therapy in just a matter of months.

From 90-minute, 3-hour, and 6-hour therapeutic intensives, we can tailor create a healing journey for you.

Intensives are a great fit for individuals, couples, families, and groups. Take a look at the Our Skills for more information on our clinical methods, including EMDR, Somatic Therapy, and Internal Family Systems (IFS).

Somatic Life Coaching in Henrico, VA.

Don't have time for therapy right now? No problem. MindBody Life Coaching is a powerful alternative that focuses on forward momentum and is offered internationally. In as little at 4-8 sessions, most participants report experiencing improvement in mood, decrease in anxious thoughts and feelings, a sense of direction and empowerment, and even a decreased activation of trauma responses. Compared to traditional talk therapy and life coaching approaches, MindBody Life Coaching provides a deeper process with sustained results.

Substance use interventions in Henrico, VA.

Make sobriety last. Whether it’s yours or your loved one’s first or 15th attempt to recover from substance use, make this time the last time. Sustainable change IS possible with the right support.

We provide substance use interventions, recovery coaching, and family assistance, as well as abstinence monitoring when it’s time to come home from treatment.

Our trauma-sensitive, clinically-informed interventions have proven effectiveness for treatment admission 96% of the time – and a 12-month relationship with us has nearly 100% effectiveness at sustaining sobriety.  

EMDR consultation and LCSW supervision in Henrico, VA.

Expand your trauma therapy skills and take your professional training to the next level. Learn the newest evidence-based practices that work directly with the nervous system. Overcome feelings of being stuck, bored, burnt out, or even resentful with innovative, noninvasive techniques. Understand applications of polyvagal theory, learn somatic therapy skills, and dip your toe into experiential action methods.

We also provide LCSW supervision and EMDR consultation toward certification.

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