"Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness.”

― Peter A. Levine

Seeking Depth to Recovery

Outpatient Trauma & Addiction Services

For those seeking to deepen their recovery journey and transcend traditional treatment.


A whole-brain approach to

treating trauma and addiction

If you’ve tried traditional therapy or peer support groups and still can’t escape the feeling of not being good enough, being too much, feeling too sensitive, or feeling insignificant, it may be time to try something new.


Traditional cognitive approaches work hard to treat the conscious brain, where there is an awareness of symptoms. But conditions like depression, anxiety, bipolar, post-traumatic stress disorder, alcohol and drug addiction, chronic pain, disordered eating, and sleep issues are rooted in the unconscious part of the brain where analysis and language cannot access.


Instead of focusing on coping with symptoms, a whole-brain approach aims to eliminate them.

By tending to both the conscious and unconscious brain, we address how the body has been conditioned to engage in bothersome thoughts, unwanted feelings, and maladaptive behaviors as a way to regulate the nervous system. Through the incorporation of the body within the therapeutic process, we can rebalance what has been unbalanced. 

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Our Story

Seeking Depth to Recovery, LLC was founded in 2019 on the values of vitality, curiosity, empowerment, creativity, connection, and neurobiology. We hold true that each person has within them the natural inclination toward healing as part of their nervous system’s innate wiring.

Our origins were two pronged, with a focus on deepening a recovering person’s 12-Step experience as well as specializing in pre-verbal and complex trauma. The intention of this focus was to fill the gap for these hard-to-find providers, while also welcoming individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, PTSD, relationship discord, anger, and more.

The efficacy of our unique skillset has served as the taproot for offering a more diverse set of services not easily found elsewhere. In 2021, we began to offer trauma-informed, systemic family coaching and recovery monitoring for those struggling with addiction. In working with the whole family, not just the individual ingesting substances, we renovate the emotional landscape to create a hostile environment for continued use.


Therapy Intensives

We provide therapy to individuals, couples, families, and groups in an intensive format. All sessions are offered at a minimum of 90 minutes. Depending on the clinical skills to be used and the particular goal of the client, longer sessions are available. This expanded timeframe enables us to sufficiently touch in to the deeper work that requires our attention, return to center before wrapping up, and more effectively maintain clinical organization of treatment., This model ultimately leads to an overall decrease of time the individual remains in treatment. 


Current research reports a 25% success rate of remission for recovering individuals after 30 days of treatment. This percentage continues to increase with the length of time a person remains engaged with some form of therapeutic support (75% success with 6 months of therapeutic engagement, and 81% at 2 years). We provide the structure necessary to sustain abstinence through sophisticated drug screening technology and trauma-informed, systemic family coaching. By treating the whole family, we better insulate against a relapse.


Professional Development

Our owner, Adrienne Loker, LCSW is approved by the Board of Social Work to provide supervision toward LCSW. She is also an EMDRIA Consultant in Training and is available for individual and group EMDR consultation. 


Adrienne is available to present or train on various aspects of trauma and addiction recovery, as well as experiential treatment models, for agencies and small groups. Feel free to contact Adrienne to create a training specific to your organization's needs.

Meditation by the Sea

We offer full day experiential retreats utilizing a combination of somatic modalities. Embracing the belief that each person has within them the truth that they need to heal, we cultivate a container for that truth to emerge. As people connect to their inner worlds, they begin to understand how their implicitly stored emotional wounds serve as the foundation for current life stressors. Participants acquire new perspectives, tools to nurture themselves, and the ability to let go of old wounds. More information can be found under "Psychodrama" and "Experiential Retreats" tabs.


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