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Dana Roebuck,

Creative Arts Psychotherapist

Dana Roebuck, Trauma Therapist and Addiction counselor in Henrico, VA.

Dana Roebuck is a trauma and addiction therapist in Henrico and Richmond, VA. She provides somatically-informed therapy across the lifespan, from children's therapy to adolescent and adult treatment. She utilizes a parts-perspective within an attachment-centered framework.


Dana offers a warm, empowering, and collaborative approach to helping others. She specializes in the use of experiential modalities to aid individuals in healing from past trauma, reconnecting to themselves, and reclaiming power over their lives. Dana enjoys working with folks who are experiencing challenging life circumstances, relationship stressors, anxiety, depression, and addiction. She is gifted in supporting clients who are exploring their identity, looking to settle the nervous system and instilling an embodied sense of safety. She uses a client-centered and trauma-informed approach, along with elements of humanist and attachment theory to support clients as they process life experiences, develop new skills and perspectives, and work toward their goals.


Over her clinical career, Dana has provided services in community mental health, education, outpatient/inpatient and residential settings, in the US and Africa, with extensive experience in substance use recovery. She received a masters in creative art psychotherapy in New York City and finds the use of creativity as a cornerstone to the healing process. Her fine arts background in sculpture and fiber arts helps to inform her work within the expressive nature of art as a physical, tactile, and therapeutic experience. 


Over her lifespan, Dana has used her expressive nature with visual art, cooking, sewing, weaving, metal work and costuming as an integral part of her healing process through family drama, addiction, illness, and loss. Her interest in art therapy began with understanding that the process of making art can be therapeutic in its own right without seeking to achieve a satisfying aesthetic outcome. Her exploration in undergraduate art school helped to give voice to her own inner experience and into the lives of the neurodivergent loved ones she sought to understand. 


Her personal experiences inform the compassionate approach clients crave in a new and exploratory path though their own past. Having seen and experienced the medical model’s near sided approach to trauma and addition treatment, Dana’s goals are her clients goals, kind, organic, and rooted in self actualization. 


Art has the unique quality to express traumatic memories housed in the brain in ways that words cannot articulate. The sounds, textures, and colors of our memories are externalized and find rest on the canvas, a new place to reflectivity view our past and inform our present and future. That information gives us knowledge and strength to protect ourselves, break attachment cycles, and become the best version of ourselves. 

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