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Our Services

Our unique service delivery is designed for maximum efficacy - meeting your goals faster, so you can discharge sooner.

Therapeutic Intensives

Get more therapy in less time. Offered in a minimum of 90-minutes up to full days, our intensive sessions are effective for individuals, couples, families, and groups. Using experiential and cutting edge interventions, we achieve years worth of work in a matter of months.

Groups and Workshops

Amplify your results through the comprehensive nature of group work. At 65% savings compared to individual therapy, group therapy is quicker to bring to the forefront problematic relationship problems, such as avoidance, deflection, making oneself smaller, and feelings of self-worth.

Professional Development

Deepen your clinical skill set with somatic tools, trauma training, and experiential action methods. Join one of our pre-existing groups, or receive a one-of-a-kind individualized training for your company.

Embodiment Training

Facilitated by our MindBody Life Coach, this 4 session series will teach you about how trauma is stored in the body, how to listen to your body, and learn how to be in your body in a way that you enjoy.

Enrichment Collection

A series of free videos that provide education and step-by-step exercises to regulate your nervous system at home.

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