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Our Story

Seeking Depth to Recovery, LLC was founded in 2019 on the values of vitality, creativity, connection, and body wisdom. We hold true that each person has within them the natural inclination toward healing as part of their nervous system’s innate wiring.

We were born from a desire to break the ceilings of traditional trauma therapy and addiction counseling - which often don't understand the role of the nervous system in trauma healing. Specializing in state of the art somatic therapy, we found that our consumers were reclaiming their lives sooner and sustaining changes, compared to their past experiences with traditional talk therapy.

As the demand for our approach grew, so did we. We created a truly trauma-sensitive treatment center, focusing first on the mental wellbeing of our team. From this foundation of health, we lend our unburdened nervous systems to those in our care, unconsciously activating healing.

Together as a team, we offer some of the highest quality trauma therapy in Richmond, VA.

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