Experiential Retreats

Each person holds inside the truth they need to heal.

These workshops re-connect the self by integrating our often fragmented internal and external landscapes. Together, we will utilize our species' hardwired propensity for interdependence and create safety, a shared narrative, and simultaneous healing in a group setting.

Below are our current offerings, however we are happy to bring the experience to you if you already have an established cohort. 

For inquiries or to register, please email info@SeekingDepthToRecovery.com

Meditation by the Sea

Sober & Spiritually Starved


Accepting pre-registration for the next cohort


This ongoing group is for individuals who have gotten sober via 12 Step Communities and are seeking to enrich, enliven, and revitalize their relationship with recovery through action methods. Participants will explore where they may feel stuck with traditional step work and adopt a neurobiological lens that allows a no shame, no blame view for problematic behavior cycles. By strengthening the interconnectedness of the group through our collective brain, we will support individuals in accessing their greatest strengths, overcoming their biggest barriers, and ultimately coming home to themselves. 

Deepening Connection for Couples

Date: TBD

9:00 am - 3:00 pm

$250 per couple

10% of relationship issues are the relationship, and 90% of relationship issues are unresolved childhood wounds.  This retreat will focus on attuning to one's partner, mirroring the other's needs, gaining insight into the emotional wounding that underlies current stressors, and healing the inner child that shows up to adult relationships.  Couples will leave with a deeper intimacy not only to each other, but with themselves.

Image by Debby Hudson
Image by Iva

Preventing Burnout for Helping Professionals

Date: TBD

9:00 am - 3:00 pm

$150 per person 

This is a safe place for counselors, teachers, nurses, youth leaders, etc. to prevent and recover from burnout, toxic stress, and vicarious trauma.  We will take a deeper look into countertransference, resolving underlying wounds.  After this retreat, participants can expect to deepen their skill sets and ways of knowing their clients.