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Brandi Brown,

Mind-Body Life Coach

Brandi Headshot.jpg

Brandi Brown is a trauma-informed Mind-Body Life Coach and Certified Interventionist with over 20 years of experience in the recovery community. She has a passion for meeting people where they are in a spirit of curiosity and spaciousness. Her personal experience with the cycle of addiction in family systems took her on her own healing journey from an early age. This is what drives her to help others step into emotional freedom, a natural biproduct of reconnecting with our own internal guidance and sense of personal resilience. Her unique approach is designed to address the hidden drivers behind addiction, resentments and compulsive behaviors in a safe, compassionate setting. 


During her time as the Director of Operations for Journey House Foundation, she worked to raise the standard of care in sober living and is still active as a recovery advocate for the Richmond area.


Brandi is the mother of two grown children, one of whom is in recovery. She also has a granddaughter. In her spare time, she enjoys attending retreats, camping, and spending time with loved ones at local events. 

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