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Brandi Brown,

Body Life Coach
Substance Use Interventionist

Brandi Brown, Somatic Life Coach and Trauma-Informed Substance Use Interventionist in Henrico, VA.

Brandi Brown is a trauma-sensitive MindBody Life Coach and trauma survivor. She knows firsthand the relationship between complex trauma and the obstacles of fully knowing one's self. Through her personal healing journey, Brandi has experienced the vast range of trauma treatment modalities, receiving unintentional harm from well-meaning practitioners, to profound growth and intrapersonal change with skilled and capable healers.

Through these experiences of vetting effective treatment methods and learning how to come home to herself, Brandi ignited her own passion of helping others. She has since traveled across the nation to learn from Shamans, has received tutelage under the founders of Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA), has formally trained in Somatic Inquiry, and has spent dozens of hours practicing the art of Psychodrama.

Brandi's warmth, acceptance, and compassion creates a container for emotional safety and freedom. She uses her gift of intuition to awaken the intuition in others, allowing them to reconnect with their own internal guidance and sense of personal resilience. Her unique approach is designed to address the hidden drivers behind suffering, trauma echoes, anxiety, perfectionism, fawning, addiction, resentments and compulsive behaviors. 


Brandi is also a Certified Interventionist with over 20 years of experience in the recovery community. Her personal experience with the cycle of addiction in family systems took her on her own healing journey from an early age. She has used her personal experiences and professional training to raise the standard of care in sober living environments. She continues to advocate for the recovery community in the Richmond area.

Brandi is the mother of two grown children, one of whom is in recovery. She also has a granddaughter who is the apple of her eye. In her spare time, she enjoys attending retreats, camping, local festivals, and spending time with loved ones. 

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